Nolan: 16 Weeks

How am I feeling a week deep into juggling all this madness? Hanging in there and focusing as much as possible. Choosing which fun activities I must forgo and re-prioritizing a ton of things. As many of you mommies can relate to, we ladies believe we can do it all AND MORE! Little do we know pushing it to that limit will make us go insane. One of the only joys I still allow myself to indulge in is this very blog you’re reading now. I get to do it once a week as a way to reflect and keep perspective. Plus there’s that fun photoshoot I get to do for Nolan to document his growth.

For this week’s shoot we chose to dress Nolan in a USC football jersey. I am a USC alum and so is my cousin, Kimmy. She was so thoughtful to get him the jersey to sport in time for college football season. When we first received it I thought, “man it’ll be a while before he can fit into this,” but voila, he’s already snug in it! My baby boy has grown so much faster than we anticipated. We even busted out the 6-12 month old clothing and he’s not even 4 months yet.

Nolan’s skin actually got worse over the last week. We believe he has something called “cradle cap” and picked up Mustela Stelaker Cradle Cap ointment. We started the application on Sunday night and the skin on his head and face is starting to peel like crazy. We’re hoping all will turn out well in about a week or two. Again, despite all that he’s still a super happy baby. Sleeping 9+ hours a night, enjoying his nightly baths and laughing up a storm with his best friend, Daddy, each day. Love them both so much!

nolan 16 week old baby boy cradle cap

nolan 16 week old baby boy cradle cap

Nolan was born in the year of the snake so this short video clip is all too fitting for my little snake as he uses his tongue to get at his pacifier.

Oh, special bonus! Cousin Quinn visited last week and kiddos got to hang out at “Nolan’s crib”. Check out the cool animated gif.
nolan with cousin quinn animated gif

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  1. Anne said:

    Haha! I watched the video a few times in a row

    October 2, 2013

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