Nolan: 17 Weeks

Last week Nolan was a football player, this week he’s a race car driver. Can you try guessing what next week and the rest of October will look like as far as “costumes” will go? I have to note that 95% of Nolan’s wardrobe was handed down to him–including this Ferrari jumpsuit he’s sporting. We haven’t had to buy much clothing for him other than socks, bibs and gloves. So blessed to have so many sources for hand me downs. It truly helps on cost savings since he grows so fast and only wears items less than a handful of times before we size up again.

Two things to note in his development this week:
1 – He’s found that his hands are great tools and tries to grab anything that he thinks is within reach. It’s just so awesome to see the progression in his learning of the human body and mind. I didn’t think I could be so excited over a child grabbing a toy for the first time. First time mommy, eh?
2 – Discovered a whole new octave in his voice: screaming just because I can and not because I’m hungry or sleepy. Whenever that happens Rob and I just stare at him in amazement and laugh.

What’s up with his skin condition? Still the same if not a little worse. We’re going in for his 4 month shots this Friday so he’ll have a thorough check-up with the pediatrician to see if there is anything else we can do to help it get better. What does that mean? Another blog post of course!! One of those weeks where its a weekly and monthly milestone. Stay tuned then for another fun-filled blog in a few days!!

His crazy hair with this outfit reminds me of a daredevil.
nolan 17 week old baby boy racecar driver bodysuit

nolan 17 weeks old race car driver onesie

I love it when he smiles and ends up inadvertently winking at me.
nolan 17 week old baby boy racecar ferrari onesie

Couple of photos from my phone. He enjoys playtime in his jungle gym and grabs everything in site. He also loves to match with Daddy.
nolan 17 week old baby boy jungle gym

Sharing a video of Nolan laughing for over 30 seconds straight. It was more like a minute but I didn’t capture the entire thing on camera. His laughter truly makes all my worries and sorrows disappear. I wish I could bottle it up and blast it wherever I go; spreading the joy that I know of as my greatest achievement, Nolan.


  1. Annie said:

    it probably sounds silly but boy.. when i looked at the first photo, i see you and robert! Nolan is soooooo adorable Thao! Nolan got a very nice mix of the both of you! Love love love love the video! :)

    October 8, 2013
    • Anonymous said:

      Love his laugh!! Try Mixing aquaphor with hydrocortisone, apply after bath, should take care of skin condition :)

      October 8, 2013
      • thaoie said:

        I will go get hydrocortisone next time we’re at Target!! Thanks, Anonymous!

        October 8, 2013
        • Christine Lynn Tran said:

          I would consult your doctor first before trying anything. Even though hydrocortisone 1% is over the counter and fairly inexpensive, it might still be too harsh for his skin, especially his face. If his condition doesn’t get any better after a while, please look into Dr. Brandi Metz. She’s a pediatric dermatologist in Irvine. I used to go to her office when she was at UCI Hospital and have seen many parents bring their poor little babies in. I’m not sure what her new office number is, but I’m positive that you will be able to find her on google. Hope that helps!

          October 9, 2013
    • thaoie said:

      Annie: I don’t see me at all. Hahaha.

      October 8, 2013

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