Nolan: 36 Weeks

Nolan has been sick with a runny nose and cough the last week but is still very active pulling himself up and starting to cruise furniture. He seems to be quite smart knowing it’s “ok “to fall down in his crib or on our bed versus out in the open where its not so padded.  He seems much more cautious navigating harder surfaces. How do they know these things?? He easily gets frustrated but at least I know he’s trying hard to master those skills. So that means sleep regression is still ongoing. We got lucky with 2 nights that he actually went to bed right away (tonight was not one of them). Funny how Rob and I rush to catch up on our to do list and not wasting a single minute when he’s down for a nap or out for the night. The good ole “take your time to get stuff done” days are gone.  It’s so taxing for us both looking after just one child that I sometimes wonder if we can really have more than one. Yes, we tag team but it’s really very difficult at times. We’re both so drained with so many things to do and Rob has been such a good sport about being on night watch 99.8% of the time so that I can get my beauty rest. Time seems so limited that to get myself to focus I make daily to do lists just so no spare moment goes to waste. Even so there are still many things lying around that need to be put away, thrown out or organized. Priorities really do change. Goal for this week is to paint my nails (got a wedding to attend on Saturday).

We started Nolan on finger snacks this past week. He was quite intrigued with the taste of some of the snacks (especially the salty ones) and has progressed well with picking them up and feeding himself. This is huge since he refuses to hold his own bottle; I mean he’ll hold it to play with it but will not hold it when he’s jugging down milk. He’s also been babbling a lot, rolling around in all sorts of odd directions while asleep (belly sleeper here) and at times we’ve caught him giggling in his dreams. Super cute when he does that! Really makes me wonder what’s making him so happy.

One of Nolan’s favorite things to do now is pull himself up leaning onto his name stool and proceed to pull out the letters one by one. He’ll perch himself up as seen below and lean against it for 15-20 minutes playing with all the block letters. Sometimes he’ll sit back down and munch on ’em too. This is one of my favorite gifts we received for his birth.

36 week old baby boy personalized puzzle stool

36 week old baby boy personalized puzzle stool

I love this expression on him. As if he’s saying “ta da”!!!!
36 week old baby boy personalized puzzle stool

Besides the obvious perk of having decent photos taken of you when you’re a photographer’s child is the fact that you get to travel almost everywhere this mommy goes. Nolan’s already been to Denver, San Francisco and up the Cali Coast. He’s on his way to Europe in April–all this before his 1st birthday. From time to time he also joins me at local spots that I shoot at in SoCal. This past weekend we got to shoot a maternity session at quite a unique spot that I’ve been meaning to check out for a few years. Finally made the trek out there when our friends made the push to have their shoot at the location. Daddy and Nolan came along and hung out. So glad they did cuz it was quite an experience, super fun and so I wouldn’t have to miss them so much.

“Baby wearing” has been really fun and convenient for us. It keeps Nolan really close to our hearts and frees up our hands so we can easily navigate the market and especially while doing chores around the house. We’re sporting a Tula baby carrier that’s highly recommended by my sister. No “crotch dangling” for our son! (Google that term!)
36 week old baby boy tula baby carrier

36 week old baby boy cliff

Nolan’s napping in the carrier (again!) so we dug his hand out to make it as if he was actively participating.
36 week old baby boy tula baby carrier gray hummingbird

I leave you with a fun video of Noly and one of his meals with his dad.

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  1. Anne said:

    Love him and all his facial expressions!

    February 19, 2014

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