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My baby shower was on Sunday, April 21st hosted at my sister’s home. The theme I had chosen was classy + simple with mint, white and gray colors. Rob and I worked hard at all the decor together. It’s pretty tough having to do all that with a burgeoning belly but we pulled thru and it went off nicely. Couldn’t ask for a more supportive husband and a great group of girlfriends to celebrate with.

more pictures to come!!


On March 21st at 19 weeks we went to get an elective 3D/4D ultrasound done. It was uber exciting to see what the baby may look like and get a double confirmation that it was actually a boy.

Check out his pouty lips. I think he has my nose.

Half smile but more like a SMIRK!

Spot his penis in this one–it is definitely a BOY!!



    • Q: When did I suspect we were expecting:
      A: Sept 28th
    • Q: Why did I suspect it?
      A: I was rudely awakened in the middle of the night the morning of the 28th with sharp lower abdominal pain and had to pee real bad. I NEVER have to pee in the middle of the night. This pain subsided a bit but stayed consistent like cramps and the constant peeing continued for weeks. I later discover that the sharp pain that night was the embryo implanting/burrowing into the wall of my uterus to incubate. My breasts were also super duper sensitive and sore for weeks. Never felt that kind of soreness before in all my PMS’ing days.
    • Q: When was the first positive pregnancy test?
      A: Oct 2nd
    • Q: When am I due?
      A: June 5th
    • Q: When was the 1st doctor’s visit?
      A: Oct 17th where we saw the peanut and heard his heartbeat.
    • Q: First movement felt:
      A: Jan 4th
    • Q: What are we having?
      A: On Jan 9th we found out we’re having a BOY!
    • Q: First hiccup felt?
      A: Mar 22nd
    • Q: Braxton Hicks:
      A: Started on April 9th. It feels like the top of my stomach is being stretched to the max. It’s a sore feeling for about 15-20 minutes.


Sorry for the unplanned hiatus from blogging but I am back up and running again. Woohoo!

Continuing our Memorial Day weekend adventure to the Grand Canyon. This is the first time Rob and I have ever been so it is all pretty exciting. Before I jump all in to share the images from the Grand Canyon, I’ll have to share a few images from the RV itself which I failed to do in the last post.

You’ll see our fridge/freezer on the left with a larger view of the kitchen, dining, and seating area. This is the widest part of the trailer when it is expanded all the way.

The couch turns into a fold-away bed which was where Rob and I slept on all 3 nights of the trip. The kitchen is quite extensive with plenty of cupboard space. Felt almost like home with the amenities we are used to.

On Saturday evening right before sunset we arrived at the Grand Canyon. We stopped over at a random pull-out to snap some quick pix.

As you can tell by Elise’s crazy hair, it was crazy windy!

Poor Chloe was scared of the wind and was crying to please head back into the RV.
That night we stayed at the Trailer Village made for RV’s in the Grand Canyon Village where there was hook-ups for everything (water, electricity, bathrooms).

Sunday morning after breakfast we rode along the 30+ mile stretch of the Grand Canyon to stop at a few of the look-out points.
This look-out tower is at Desert View Point, located near the East Entrance of the park.

So purdy. I could really sit here for hours just staring out into all this beautiful creation.

This panoramic photo was taken at Moran Point. If you look closely you can see the Colorado River running thru it.

Just the 3 of us headed out to Hopi Point towards the west end of the park to watch the sunset. You cannot drive up here; only the shuttle can take you to it.

Boy was it cold! We did not expect it to be this freezing.

It was a bit of a disappointment b/c it was too cloudy to see much of a sunset. We were lucky to be one of the 1st ones back on the shuttle to get back down to the park. If we waited any longer we would have been stuck waiting outside in the cold for the next shuttle; I would have definitely gotten frostbite if I had to wait.

We were determined to see sunrise so were up very early to head out to a random point on the road to catch it on Monday morning. Here’s dawn.

Here’s Rob recording “breaking dawn”…hehehe, get it? BREAKING DAWN!

Rob doing his thing with taking photos for KC and E.

Glorious Grand Canyon sunrise folks.

You may be wondering where are photos of the kids at?? Well, they were sleeping most of the time when we were out and about or confined to the RV itself for safety reasons due to the inclement weather of crazy winds. I’ll let KimChi post their cuteness in her blog when we hit Grand Canyon Caverns (which I did not take any photos at so I will not have a part 3). For now you can see her perspective of part 2 of this trip here.



For the long Memorial Day weekend I embarked on a short road trip with the hubby and my sister’s family. This was my very first time traveling and living out of an RV (recreational vehicle) for days straight. Everything from sleep, shower, pee, eat, cook, read, hang out, watch movies–all in one 36 foot vehicle. I really didn’t know what to expect since my sissy planned it all but I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the whole experience was. All 7 of us fit in there quite nicely (4 adults and 3 kids) and I’ve concluded that a future RV road trip is definitely in the books.

Side note: it may not seem “lacking” to you but there is a lack of photos to completely document this trip. Much of my time was engrossed on starting and finishing “The Hunger Games” series. And finish I did! Thanks to Elvis for driving the entire time and to Rob for keeping Elvis company.

Sisterly love!

Twirling like ballerinas.

Chloe was super duper scared of the RV. She had to be comforted by food aka “bread”.
She also needed a ton of time to check things out and warm up to it.

Look at that scared look on her face. Even uncle Robby couldn’t convince her.

Once she realized she wasn’t going to have her way, she marched up those steps like a champ.
For a while there I really thought we would have to leave her behind.
Here’s a video and photos of that monumental moment of relief:

Benji was a great baby, sound asleep ready for the ride.

Elise was super excited like she is with many things.

Cattail Cove State Park in Arizona–a part of Lake Havasu.
Photos are taken near sunset only because we were too scared to venture out into the 100+ degree weather.
We took comfort in the shields of the RV’s air conditioning.

Once again, Chloe was scared; this time of the water.
She hung back and looked pretty in her Hello Kitty swimsuit. Here she is with her special “hello” wave.

The next morning we ventured out for a very short hike up to the look out point.

Pretty nice view, huh? Can you tell how hot it is? I can by the cloudless sky and dry conditions.

We had a pretty quick mini photo session up top.

Here’s our RV spot next to a nice shady tree. Pictured to the right are the 2 benches at the top of the look out point.

There was also a cool amphitheater and a mini cactus garden on site.

Next stop: Grand Canyon!

For a second view in the eyes of my sissy, check out her blog post on part 1 of our trip.