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Being a mom for 5 years was both an eternity and a blink of an eye. You’ve all probably heard the saying “the days are long but the years are short”. Of course we constantly yearn for more quality time with our kids. We could always work less, put down that phone for just 10 minutes, stop watching that show and watch them explore. With 3 kids now its even tougher. Reflecting back on the last 5 years I’ll definitely make an effort to be more present. Good news is I’ve already started those first steps of being more present by limiting the number of photography gigs I pick up. It’s probably 3x as less as compared to 3 years ago. I’ve come a long way to really putting my family as well as my sanity/health first.

As for Nolan, my dear boy is as inquisitive, talkative and silly as ever. He’s just so excited about the world and can’t wait to tell me every single little thought he has every single second of the day. You can see where I’m headed there so you can only guess the amount of energy and patience we have lately to keep up with his million mile a second brain waves. All in all, we’ve been SUPER DUPER blessed that God made him our son. He’s generally pretty well behaved, not at all crazy/wild, very protective of his siblings and I think pretty thoughtful. Couldn’t have asked for a better role model for Brandon and Harlow. Happiest of birthdays to the kid who made us parents. We will forever cherish you, love you, support you–even if you do start getting wild later in life and push us away. We’ll be right here like we always have since day 0.

A chronological photo recap from the time he turned 4 up until 5.

Summertime fun.

Our do-it-yourself wedding anniversary family photos.

He had so much fun chasing this chicken. Even spectators were laughing at his fun. You think this is him chasing “chicks” in the future?!?

On top of the world gazing at Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

October traditions at local pumpkin patches.

We always have so much fun at Rancho Las Lomas on Halloween. Might be the last year we go since both Nolan and Brandon are in school.

All dressed up for family holiday photos.

December traditions with a visit to Santa and Disneyland.

One day he’s going to be totally self conscious and not be this openly silly with us. For now I will enjoy it all!

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

New Years Eve celebrations. I love all his poses!!

Nolan is enamored with space. Had a great time at the Griffith Observatory.

Traditional Valentine’s Day photos.

Lunar New Year festivities

Adventures in San Francisco at the Color Factory and Union Square.

Nolan gathered about 100 eggs for Easter.

Chillin’ at Venice Beach for Memorial Day.

Quality time at Disneyland on his birthday. Fun fact: he shares a birthday with my sister, Julie.