Tag: <span>8 weeks old</span>

Nolan has been sleeping for 6 hour stretches each night now. He fills up his belly before the long sleep ahead (around 11pm) but still wakes up super hungry and munches down 5-6oz when he wakes up around 5am. His acne/eczema has cleared up so he’s back to being Mr. Handsome. It’s amazing how baby’s skin can heal so quickly. I swear they have super healing powers.

For today’s shoot Nolan wore the t-shirt Auntie Laura gave him that would predict he’d be a professional bowler. Daddy combed his hair to the side so he can look a bit more dapper than other shoots; too bad the hair didn’t stay down for long–has a mind of its own.

Here’s a video I was able to catch of Nolan after his late morning nap with me. He was smiling/giggling to everything I was saying; truly melts my heart!

Logan came to visit today so we also shot a few photos of him.  Too bad both boys weren’t camera ready at the same time for some photos together. We’ll have to wait til next time.

Logan at 3 months + 5 days. He’s soooo cute and looks great in mint!!