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My baby continues to learn so quickly–so amazing to see it all! As his personality and list of “tricks” develops so does my love and attachment to him. In the beginning he was just a blob that ate/slept all day; didn’t play with his toys, babble up a storm or laugh like it was the silliest thing he’s ever seen. I’ve been sad thinking about how much I’m going to miss him while away shooting a wedding in Mexico this weekend–3.5 days!  At least he can “forget” that I exist when I’m out of sight but I can’t ever forget about him.  Hopefully I won’t resort to crying myself to bed each night. Boohoo!

In other news:

*Nolan’s other front tooth started coming in a few days ago so now both his front teeth are coming in at roughly the same time.
*Earlier this week I made him some chicken chao (porridge) and he LOVES it! Yay!! He’s truly my son after all since Robert HATES chao.
*He’s become even more attached to me than last week. Didn’t think it was possible.
*Down to roughly 1 nap a day now. Some days he’ll have 2 which will keep him up longer before bedtime.

43 week old baby boy 10 month old

43 week old baby boy 10 month old

43 week old baby boy 10 month old

43 week old baby boy 10 month old

43 week old baby boy 10 month old 2 front teeth

Nolan turns 10 months on Friday, the day I fly out to Mexico. Unless his daddy can take over photographing duties, I won’t be able to post any photos or blog. Maybe I can ask my niece, Kortney, to come over and take a few shots of the little guy for me. Hehehe.


The teeth keep coming! We discovered a 5th one on Friday–finally one at the top. Been quite fortunate that he’s not too fussy when teething. Just lots of drool and biting on all sorts of things he can get his teeth on. Nolan has also grown more attached to me this past week. I come to find that a bit odd since I am not with him nearly as much as Rob. Anyone can be holding him but when he sees me he whines and lunges for me. It’s quite endearing to experience but I know it will get tiresome with time. I love watching him grow, explore and discover new things. It was quite interesting to catch him bending over the toilet seat, splashing the toilet bowl water. Bound to happen right? The lid will be kept shut from here on out.

With all that teething he always puckers up his lips like so.
42 week old baby boy angels baseball fan

We’ve noticed that he loves books. This comes from me in particular since I LOVE to read. Rob avoids books like the plague (except if it’s related to beer).
42 week old baby boy angels baseball fan

We flipped his playmat over to reveal city streets (the opposite side features a farm).
42 week old baby boy angels baseball fan

Nolan attended his 2nd Angels baseball game ever today. He’s actually more alert now then he was at 2.5 months. He was awake the entire time and was really good despite the cold and noise.
family at angels stadium

We even got a photo with Mike Trout! Sadly his arm is blocking Nolan.
angels team store mike trout

He is such a pro at cruising. Check it out!


Hooray! No more pumping! Over the weekend I packed up that pump and all it’s parts and can officially declare 9 months of pumping a success. Didn’t produce quite enough but glad I did what I could for as long as I could. I actually used an app to track my pumping and it shows I pumped about 4,100 oz. Sounds like a lot but if I were producing enough it should have been twice that amount. Now I can gear up for a number of BIG things happening over the next 2 months: lasik eye surgery, shooting a wedding in Mexico, wisdom teeth removal (the final top 2), 3 week Euro trip, shooting a wedding in Paris and planning Nolan’s 1st birthday extravaganza. Heck, I even started reading again! (“The Way of Kings” by Brandon Sanderson) Though at a much slower pace compared to pre-Nolan but at least I have a bit of “me” time again. Been having to employ a TON of self control not to read all the way into the wee hours of the morning. Anyhow, after all that we kick it into high gear for wedding season.

What’s up with my Nolan? He has eaten a number of more solid, non-pureed foods. Was a bit hesitant at first giving us that cringe look that he inherited from mommy, but we can tell he totally digs the savory, flavorful stuff like pho and other soupy dishes. He automatically opens his mouth wide for every bite. We’re still giving him pureed foods at least once a day so he can ease into the solids. Nolan also enjoys munching on peaches and nectarines. I take a few big bites for him first and hand it on over for the little guy to go to town with. Love it that he knows how to use those bottom teeth to get the juices out. Lately he’s been addicted to closing doors, pressing buttons and cruising furniture. LOVES peek-a- boo and his nightly ritual of chasing mommy around the room before bath time (we both crawl). He’s also gotten very attached to both Rob and I–wants to be held and smiles when he sees us which leads to definite signs of “stranger danger”.

Showing off his rack of teeth on the bottom. 41 week old baby boy

I still enjoy watching him play. So curious as to what goes on in that little head of his. 41 week old baby boy

Has learned to press the buttons to play different sounds. 41 week old baby boy

Once in a while glances over at me with a huge smile. 41 week old baby boy

We can’t wait to meet little Romy! Plus, check out my crazy afro bangs!! I really hope they grow faster so I can flatten ’em down. Ugh.
41 week old baby boy

First fruit experience!


Today was Nolan’s worst doctor’s visit EVER. Odd thing was, he didn’t even get a single shot! First he peed on daddy, then he peed all over the exam table while being poked and prodded by the doctor. Poor kid was so scared he screamed and clung to his daddy for dear life and would not let go. Dreading how his 12 month visit will turn out when he gets a whopping 6 shots and a blood draw. Way to say: “happy 1st birthday, kiddo!”

Here are his 9 month specs. Compared to his 6 month check-up he is down in every category. Dr says its a-ok; babies tend to gain less weight when they start to eat solids and have spurts of growth like he did early on. Just leveling off for now until the next big spurt.

Weight: 19.5 lbs (46 percentile)
Height: 29.5 inches (90 percentile)
Head circumference: 18 inches (73 percentile)

Sourced from Child Growth Calculator.

Only thing I must rant about is the evolution of baby food. We just got into a comfortable routine of puree’ing veggies and fruits when all of a sudden I now must start introducing meats and having Nolan use his hands to eat a greater variety of foods. It’s going to get more complicated in meal prepping and even more messy during mealtimes now. UGH!! By the time he’s a year old he’s no longer supposed to eat any more purred foods. I’ve only got 3 months to train this little human. *end rant*

My little chubby cakes all grown up.
9 month old baby boy

I can’t get enough of his laughs!
9 month old baby boy

Lookie what mommy made for me…
9 month old baby boy 8 bit mario lego

Oops, I broke 8-bit Mario’s arm.
Don’t worry, Nolan is not allowed to play with lego bricks at all! We’ve been experimenting and prepping for his 1st birthday party is all.
9 month old baby boy 8 bit mario lego

I really like this shot of him. It’s as if he really looks up to me. I hope to live a life that is worthy of his sincere admiration someday.
9 month old baby boy

Robert’s turning another year wiser in a couple days. I took this morning candid shot of my boys last week and loved how it turned out. Father and son, eye-to-eye, best of buddies. I haven’t spoken much if at all on this blog about Robert’s important role as the stay at home parent. He’s never left Nolan’s side but for 8 hours max since the day he was born. With all that time they spend with each other, no wonder Nolan is so attached to his dad. Their hard wired connection and love for each other just warms my heart. No one can make Nolan laugh like his dad can; no one can calm him, soothe him, make him feel secure like his dad. Thanks to my wonderful husband for making that sacrifice of tending to our little monster 23.5/7. Your role is the most important one in our family life and I can’t wait to have more children with you if we are so blessed to have them. Happy early birthday, babe!

9 month old baby boy witih dad

It’s been a while since we’ve had a laugh video–here’s a cute one to enjoy!