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I can’t believe my sweet Brandon is turning 2. His condition has kept him so purely innocent making every laugh, every smile, every little bit of progress he makes that much more joyous to see. Sure, his condition is in plain sight a handicap but it has taught us so many priceless life lessons that no money can buy, no textbook or professor can teach. We are better people because him and we want to thank God and Brandon for that.  We truly can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for him. Happiest of birthdays my darling!!

(if you’d like to read more detail on his condition and our thoughts on it you can catch it at the bottom of the blog post after the images)

Recap of the last year with Brandon. Video is strictly from cellphone footage.

LACMA Rain Room for Daddy’s birthday.

Photos with his cousins and grandpa.

Visiting with the Easter bunny.

Trying some ice cream at the beach.

Announcement that he’ll be a big brother to a little sister.

Trip to Japan. If he wasn’t in the stroller, he’d be forward facing in the carrier. Rob was a champ carrying him like that because he is not a light kid to be putting that kind of stress on your back but it had to be done.

Visited a cat cafe. We would be out all day so having the tablet with Little Baby Bum videos to entertain him was a lifesaver. Probably the most challenging thing was the food situation (Brandon still only eats pureed foods). We only packed enough baby food for half the trip. There was plenty of luggage allowance to pack for the entire trip but were there enough adult hands to push a stroller and roll an extra suitcase of food around for 2 weeks? NO. So we were constantly in search of Japanese baby food.

At the infamous Fushimi-Inari Shrine in Kyoto. A ton of steps means its not very stroller friendly so we only got to see a small portion of it.

Napping in a beautiful part of Kyoto and at the awesome Osaka Aquarium with the whale shark.

Annual holiday family photo session.

Annual visit to Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch. Always a ton of fun!

Wore his brother’s hand-me-down chicken costume from 2 years prior.

Holidays at Disneyland is a must.

Keeping with tradition we visited Santa at the Crystal Court.

Christmas Eve with mommy’s family featured again with grandparents and cousins.

Became a big brother to Harlow.

Valentine’s Day shenanigans.

Turning 2!!! And sitting better on my own.

Shortly after Brandon’s 1st birthday we found out from the neurologist that he has hypotonic cerebral palsy which explains exactly why at a year old he had yet to babble, sit, crawl or walk. Basically, Brandon seems to constantly be in a relaxed state because his cerebellum was damaged before birth. They describe it as a “rag doll” look so you’ll see that he has trouble sitting up straight and lack hand and leg coordination. Cognitively he is also behind and estimated to be at about a 6-7 month old and still eats pureed foods since his tongue and mouth control has yet to develop that far. His eye sight was also affected so at just 14 months old he already started wearing glasses.

For me, the gravity of the effect his condition would have on the rest of our lives did not totally hit until 6 months after his diagnosis. For the first 6 months I just thought he’d always eventually “catch-up” to all the other kids his age, but in reality he will progress at a snail’s pace and one day stop progressing altogether. Where will he stop? We won’t know until we get there because every case is unique, every child different in how this mystery illness affects them. Because his progress is so slow every little bit of progress he makes puts us in awe and has us jumping for joy. Now with a year of physical and occupational therapy gone by he has yet to get himself into a sitting position but when put there, can sit on his own for a few minutes; still doesn’t babble or crawl or walk. The professionals can’t give us an estimated age of when he ever will do these things because again, each case is so different. Brandon’s still light enough for me to carry but there will come a day when he will be too heavy for me so it will be his dad who carries him everywhere–his own personal Hodor if you will (Game of Thrones reference).

I’m not going to lie, every child I see his age (or younger even) I yearn for him to be doing the exact same thing: walk unsteadily up/down the aisles at the store, sit in a shopping cart, sip from a straw, say “mama” a million times to get my attention, crawl around the house getting into mischief, self feed a snack, wave hi/bye, hold his own bottle, sit unassisted on the carousel ride, flip pages of a book, use a spoon, blow out his birthday candle, share bath time with a sibling. Yes, we currently give 3 separate baths right now!! It’s kind of funny thinking back to when he was born 2 years ago I remember saying to myself in reassurance that “it’s only 2 baths for probably 6 months, then they can start bathing together.” Two years later I am thinking the same thing that in 6 months maybe he can start bathing with his brother, heck maybe we’ll go from 3 baths down to 1!! So like any mother, I have hopes and dreams for my child, but mine for Brandon are the most basic things that many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

I bet people wonder this all the time and can’t get themselves to ask us but knowing his condition, why did we choose to have a 3rd kid and why so soon? Remember that I got pregnant shortly after we got his diagnosis so the gravity of it didn’t quite hit me yet plus we’ve always wanted 3 or 4 kids AND I’m not getting any younger so we had to have kids now or never. Even with knowing Brandon’s diagnosis as we know it today, we’d still would have wanted a 3rd child. We accepted his condition pretty quickly, didn’t let the weight of it linger or drown us into depression and self pity, but instead took action to get him the help he needed right away. It does hold us back at times but we find ways to keep on doing what we would despite his condition (like travel to Japan with 2 kids and while I was pregnant). God also blessed us with Nolan who in our eyes stands to lose out on the most because our priority and focus is constantly on Brandon. He has been nothing but patient, sweet and loving with his baby brother. Gets him to laugh like no one else can, retrieves his pacifier when he’s crying; reads him books at bedtime, relinquishes tablet screen time for him. I don’t think any typical 3 year old would be able to stand thru the jealousy that would easily manifest from a situation like this–let alone now having to share time with 2 other siblings. Nolan has nothing but love for both his siblings–truly been a Godsend!

Our ultimate goal is that Brandon can be as independent as possible when he comes of age. Even if he can’t walk at least be able to feed himself, communicate to a certain degree and be able to perform tasks that can enable him to hold a job someday. For now, we will keep at his 4 therapy sessions per week to give him the best chances of progressing as far as possible. If anyone has any experience, thoughts or advice to share we’d love to hear it! Thanks for listening!


I’ve got the all the typical mommy guilt for baby #2. Brandon doesn’t get a single blog post until he turns 1. For comparison, Nolan had weekly updates–even a 2nd birthday blog post AFTER Brandon was born. Anyhow, I digress–can’t remember the exact date of the appearance of his first tooth. I just know it was in August around 6 months of age–at a year old he’s got 4 teeth.  He dresses in pj’s on most days where older bro dressed up like a little person every day of his life. Brandon gets all the hand me downs though I have tried to buy him a few new pieces of clothing for special appearances. The biggest guilt by far is that Brandon’s clocked in more television watching time than Nolan ever has; mind you it’s not like a TON but it’s significantly more than Nolan. Life just got a bit crazy and we needed an easy “babysitter” during those tough times. All I have to say is, I’m sorry my sweet Brando. It’s not that we love you any less. Life is just so much harder to juggle with 2 little ones to care for. We can’t give you the same undivided attention we gave your big bro but rest assured we love you just as much. We may seem a little more excited when Nolan reaches new milestones since he’s the very first to do pretty much EVERYTHING, but we are just as excited and proud when you reach those same ones. You add more love, more excitement and more craziness to our lives and we couldn’t be any happier. We can’t wait for you to sit, to crawl and walk so you can interact and play with Nolan more. You two already have such a strong brotherly connection and it completely melts our hearts for us to watch the moments you two share in a day. Your dad loves you, your big bro loves you–WE ALL LOVE YOU! Happy 1st birthday my sweet Brandon!! Can’t wait to celebrate at your big party this weekend.


Here’s a short video compilation of his first year of life. You’ll see that it is quite evident the bond Nolan and Brandon already share.

Brandon was so sick today! With a fever and cold it is quite arguably the worst birthday ever. We could not get him to smile or laugh for the camera, let alone enjoy his cake smash. Hoping he’ll be better for Sunday’s festivities. And if his first outfit looks familiar–it’s b/c it should! We thought it’d be neat to dress him in the same outfit Nolan did at his 1st birthday photoshoot.

brandon 1 year old birthday photoshoot
brandon 1 year old birthday photoshoot
brandon 1 year old birthday photoshoot
brandon 1st birthday
brandon 1st birthday
brandon 1st birthday cake smash

Let me address the elephant in the room: why is Brandon in a bumbo and not sitting on his own? He’s actually behind–unable to sit, crawl, stand or walk yet and is in physical therapy to help with that. He’s only recently started to do well rolling and playing on his belly. Our hope is to have him sitting in a couple months and perhaps walking by the time he turns 2. Thank you for your concerns and well wishes!!


Nolan is growing up so fast but I guess he has to since he’ll be a big brother in just 2 short months. He’s learned so much in the last 6 months that I can’t even imagine what he’ll learn in the next 6 to come. I’m kind of sad that once baby #2 is here, I won’t be able to give him as much attention as I have in the last 18 months. At least he even got that much attention since any other siblings will not get the same amount of attention that he’s received. It will be divided between him and his siblings but I’m sure our love for our children will always be equal. Nolan’s pediatrician kind of scared me today saying having a 2nd child isn’t twice as much work but more like 3x! I guess we’re in for a big life changer real soon; too late, no looking back now.

Specs from today’s 18 month wellness visit:

Weight: 23 lbs 9 oz (46 percentile)
Height: 33.5 inches (84 percentile)
Head circumference: 19 inches (73 percentile)

Sourced from Child Growth Calculator.

Other notable things at this 18 month milestone:
*16 teeth (doubled in 6 months)
*fav foods: veggies of all kinds and fresh cut fruit
*loves: fish, puzzles, mega blocks, books, Elmo, music, bubbles
*fav words: no, moon, daddy, more, fish, Elmo, cici (for pacifier), bubble, ball, bird, wow, bye, cloud, cheese
*allergic to eggs and dogs (specifically their saliva)

I made a quick treat of a string of Snap Chats I saved in the last 6 months of Nolan doing “Noly” things. Be careful with the volume since one video could be louder than the next.

And lastly is a quick recap in photos of some of the things he’s done in the last 6 months.

8/29 – Beach Day
huntington beach 2014

9/7 – Palm Springs & Salvation Mountain for mommy’s birthday
palm springs salvation mountain

9/13 – Camping (in 100+ degree heat)

Attended 3 weddings (7/4 + 10/4 + 10/11). I photographed the 2 weddings featured below.
wedding guest

10/17 – Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch
tanaka farms pumpkin patch 2014

10/31 – Halloween at Rancho Las Lomas
halloween 2014 at rancho las lomas

11/30 – Disneyland. It may have rained that day but he loved every ride he went on: Nemo, Rockets, Buzz Lightyear and Small World.
disneyland christmas 2014

12/5 – Visited Santa–didn’t go so well but it’s just as expected.
visiting santa 2014

12/7 – Aunt Mary’s executive MBA graduation from Pepperdine University. He photobombed his dad’s photo.
mary's pepperdine graduation 2014


Nolan started attending daycare on a part time basis 3 months ago when he was just getting used to walking. He did horribly the first month. Screamed hysterically every time we dropped him off and cried every time we picked him up. He didn’t eat much, threw a lot of tantrums and was getting sick. I was so torn in the 3rd week that I wanted to take him out for good. I felt as if I was putting him thru unneeded torture having to spend time with strangers, but I knew I had to be strong because it would be better in the long run for his social skills and for his dad’s sanity. It also drove us nuts at home because he ended up becoming EXTRA clingy and SUPER whiny. We couldn’t leave a room without him flipping out that we were leaving him for good and he always wanted to be held.

Here’s Nolan on his 1st day at daycare (July 8th). He has no clue that we’re about to leave him there for hours but he does have a suspicion of it–look at those eyes!
nolan first day at daycare
A view of his classroom with some of his fellow classmates. I love the tiny human chairs and tables they have for ’em which is also where they have their meals and snacks.
nolan first day at daycare
Then, one miracle day in his 4th or 5th week he didn’t scream hysterically, just whined a bit when I handed him off to his caretaker. When we pick him up he just walks straight up to us now w/o a whine or cry. Even better, just a few days ago he didn’t even sound a peep when I handed him off. They were outside playing so he just watched me leave with a blank look on his face.  Typically I’d need to bolt out of there in a hurry to shorten the cries but this time I turned around to wave bye to him quite a few times and all he did was watch me disappear into the distance. Nowadays he’s improved a lot–eating very well, having tons of fun when they sing, read stories and blow bubbles in the play yard. I’m just so happy that he’s enjoying himself now while daddy can get some errands and chores done around the house. We try to sneak up on him during pick-up time so we can get a glimpse of how he interacts in class and with the other kids. I think Nolan will be ready to go full time once baby #2 arrives in February since I am pretty doubtful that I’d be able to handle 2 kids at home by myself.

Rob went to pick him up early one day and got a snap of him napping on his mat. He usually does not sleep with a blanket at home but they have the a/c cranked up pretty high in the classroom.
baby boy napping at daycare
Since Nolan’s in a school environment, they of course had picture day! Gosh, he’s only a year old and he already gets his very first school picture?!? We used to first get these in kindergarten as an initiation of sorts but I guess it’s never too early to get those professional school photos done. And if you’re wondering, yes, we got suckered into forking out $80 to buy copies of these. I mean they’re his 1st ever school pictures, we couldn’t resist!!

Here’s the one I like most out of the 3 taken–not a complete smile but good enough.
nolan 15 month old baby boy school picture daycare picture
The epic sad, cry baby school picture every kid has to have.
nolan 15 month old baby boy first school picture daycare picture
In my opinion he’s advanced a lot for 4 months. I don’t have another kid as a benchmark but it’s just so amazing to see how much he’s learning day to day, week to week, month to month. His first 4 molars have recently grown in and we’ve had a hell of a few weeks with lots of whining/crying late at night. He ends up sleeping in our bed to help soothe the pain.

Words he can say:
-hi (more like “eye”)

Things he can “sign”:
-gangnam style

Things he can do on command:
-close the door
-downward dog
-high five
-wave “bye”
-massage (yes, he actually gives me 2-3 good massage grips before stopping)

Favorite things:
-eating grapes
-playing with bubbles
-stacking his stars
-reading books (aloud)
-Dancing to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” & “Gentleman”
-throwing stuff down the stairs
-talking on the phone
-mommy over daddy


Nolan loves all kinds of fruits, but nectarines are his favorite. He always kills it to the core, literally. Check out the time lapse below.