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Nolan is growing up so fast but I guess he has to since he’ll be a big brother in just 2 short months. He’s learned so much in the last 6 months that I can’t even imagine what he’ll learn in the next 6 to come. I’m kind of sad that once baby #2 is here, I won’t be able to give him as much attention as I have in the last 18 months. At least he even got that much attention since any other siblings will not get the same amount of attention that he’s received. It will be divided between him and his siblings but I’m sure our love for our children will always be equal. Nolan’s pediatrician kind of scared me today saying having a 2nd child isn’t twice as much work but more like 3x! I guess we’re in for a big life changer real soon; too late, no looking back now.

Specs from today’s 18 month wellness visit:

Weight: 23 lbs 9 oz (46 percentile)
Height: 33.5 inches (84 percentile)
Head circumference: 19 inches (73 percentile)

Sourced from Child Growth Calculator.

Other notable things at this 18 month milestone:
*16 teeth (doubled in 6 months)
*fav foods: veggies of all kinds and fresh cut fruit
*loves: fish, puzzles, mega blocks, books, Elmo, music, bubbles
*fav words: no, moon, daddy, more, fish, Elmo, cici (for pacifier), bubble, ball, bird, wow, bye, cloud, cheese
*allergic to eggs and dogs (specifically their saliva)

I made a quick treat of a string of Snap Chats I saved in the last 6 months of Nolan doing “Noly” things. Be careful with the volume since one video could be louder than the next.

And lastly is a quick recap in photos of some of the things he’s done in the last 6 months.

8/29 – Beach Day
huntington beach 2014

9/7 – Palm Springs & Salvation Mountain for mommy’s birthday
palm springs salvation mountain

9/13 – Camping (in 100+ degree heat)

Attended 3 weddings (7/4 + 10/4 + 10/11). I photographed the 2 weddings featured below.
wedding guest

10/17 – Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch
tanaka farms pumpkin patch 2014

10/31 – Halloween at Rancho Las Lomas
halloween 2014 at rancho las lomas

11/30 – Disneyland. It may have rained that day but he loved every ride he went on: Nemo, Rockets, Buzz Lightyear and Small World.
disneyland christmas 2014

12/5 – Visited Santa–didn’t go so well but it’s just as expected.
visiting santa 2014

12/7 – Aunt Mary’s executive MBA graduation from Pepperdine University. He photobombed his dad’s photo.
mary's pepperdine graduation 2014


Nolan started attending daycare on a part time basis 3 months ago when he was just getting used to walking. He did horribly the first month. Screamed hysterically every time we dropped him off and cried every time we picked him up. He didn’t eat much, threw a lot of tantrums and was getting sick. I was so torn in the 3rd week that I wanted to take him out for good. I felt as if I was putting him thru unneeded torture having to spend time with strangers, but I knew I had to be strong because it would be better in the long run for his social skills and for his dad’s sanity. It also drove us nuts at home because he ended up becoming EXTRA clingy and SUPER whiny. We couldn’t leave a room without him flipping out that we were leaving him for good and he always wanted to be held.

Here’s Nolan on his 1st day at daycare (July 8th). He has no clue that we’re about to leave him there for hours but he does have a suspicion of it–look at those eyes!
nolan first day at daycare
A view of his classroom with some of his fellow classmates. I love the tiny human chairs and tables they have for ’em which is also where they have their meals and snacks.
nolan first day at daycare
Then, one miracle day in his 4th or 5th week he didn’t scream hysterically, just whined a bit when I handed him off to his caretaker. When we pick him up he just walks straight up to us now w/o a whine or cry. Even better, just a few days ago he didn’t even sound a peep when I handed him off. They were outside playing so he just watched me leave with a blank look on his face.  Typically I’d need to bolt out of there in a hurry to shorten the cries but this time I turned around to wave bye to him quite a few times and all he did was watch me disappear into the distance. Nowadays he’s improved a lot–eating very well, having tons of fun when they sing, read stories and blow bubbles in the play yard. I’m just so happy that he’s enjoying himself now while daddy can get some errands and chores done around the house. We try to sneak up on him during pick-up time so we can get a glimpse of how he interacts in class and with the other kids. I think Nolan will be ready to go full time once baby #2 arrives in February since I am pretty doubtful that I’d be able to handle 2 kids at home by myself.

Rob went to pick him up early one day and got a snap of him napping on his mat. He usually does not sleep with a blanket at home but they have the a/c cranked up pretty high in the classroom.
baby boy napping at daycare
Since Nolan’s in a school environment, they of course had picture day! Gosh, he’s only a year old and he already gets his very first school picture?!? We used to first get these in kindergarten as an initiation of sorts but I guess it’s never too early to get those professional school photos done. And if you’re wondering, yes, we got suckered into forking out $80 to buy copies of these. I mean they’re his 1st ever school pictures, we couldn’t resist!!

Here’s the one I like most out of the 3 taken–not a complete smile but good enough.
nolan 15 month old baby boy school picture daycare picture
The epic sad, cry baby school picture every kid has to have.
nolan 15 month old baby boy first school picture daycare picture
In my opinion he’s advanced a lot for 4 months. I don’t have another kid as a benchmark but it’s just so amazing to see how much he’s learning day to day, week to week, month to month. His first 4 molars have recently grown in and we’ve had a hell of a few weeks with lots of whining/crying late at night. He ends up sleeping in our bed to help soothe the pain.

Words he can say:
-hi (more like “eye”)

Things he can “sign”:
-gangnam style

Things he can do on command:
-close the door
-downward dog
-high five
-wave “bye”
-massage (yes, he actually gives me 2-3 good massage grips before stopping)

Favorite things:
-eating grapes
-playing with bubbles
-stacking his stars
-reading books (aloud)
-Dancing to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” & “Gentleman”
-throwing stuff down the stairs
-talking on the phone
-mommy over daddy


Nolan loves all kinds of fruits, but nectarines are his favorite. He always kills it to the core, literally. Check out the time lapse below.


Today’s doctors visit was no fun for any of us. We went in the day after his birthday just because I’m particular about recording his growth as accurately as possible. He got 6 painful shots, a fluoride brush to prevent cavities and will get a blood draw in the coming week. Compared to his 9 month check-up he is way down in weight but have gained in height and cranial circumference. The pediatrician noted that when kids go on vacation for long periods of time they tend to lose a ton of weight due to appetite loss. Plus, he was sick for a week after getting back so that didn’t help either. We’ll need to visit the pediatrician again in 3 months to see that his weight gain is progressing well.

Weight: 20 lbs 2 oz (31 percentile)
Height: 31.25 inches (93 percentile)
Head circumference: 18.5 inches (76 percentile)

Sourced from Child Growth Calculator.

Other notable things at his 1 year milestone:
*8 teeth
*loves eating peaches whole
*says “da-da” but no “mama” yet

Playing with his balloon before going to the doctor’s office.
nolan playing with his gigantic balloon

My skinny boned baby boy.
nolan 12 month check-up weigh in


Dear Nolan,

I may have dubbed you the rudest awakening to my life a year ago, but you are so very far from that. Yes, I may have needed to learn to become more efficient than I already was. I even gave up weekly manicures, my love for reading books and a handful of TV shows just to have enough time to work 2 jobs and spend time with you. But those weekly manicures, good reads and awesome television shows have nothing on that sweet giggle of yours. To hear you laugh, to see you light up and smile is the best thing that God has given me. It’s cliche to say but you opened up a whole new kind of love I never knew existed in me. I only wish that I knew of it sooner. I pray that God will bless me with many more children so that they can also witness your giggles, your smiles, your sweet personality. Life surprises us with so many unexpected things and you are the most unexpected happiness of all. Thank you for allowing me to be your mommy and to get to watch you grow, smile and spread that contagious laugh for the world to see is the best thing that I can ever ask for. I promise to be the best mommy that I possibly can; to listen, to teach, to comfort and guide you. There’s so much more to life with you that I am looking forward to experiencing. I hope we have many, many wonderful years of great memories together. And you can bet I will be there to capture the memories!

Love you with all my heart!

hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon 1st birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon 1st birthday photoshoot

I started planning Nolan’s 1st birthday photoshoot ever since we got back from Europe. Not sure how I stumbled upon the idea but after searching thru Pinterest the concept was locked down: Nolan riding a hot air balloon! I had to find a suitable basket, a large enough balloon, a pilot beanie and a few other props to round out the theme. I had my cousins make me the “N” and number “1”–they are quite talented!! Just last week I had no idea they made balloon nets big enough for 36″ balloons! It was a lifesaver since I had no clue how to hold down the balloon beautifully; I was so close to buying a fishing net to cut up to my own specs. The tissue poms on the basket took me about an  hour to make. Again, it was a lot of hard work but it was all worth it for my little guy.

It’s been a bittersweet run with these weekly blog posts. I think in a month from now I may start to miss these weekly photoshoots and updates, but no fear! I will try to post a blog once a month so its really not a good-bye but a “see you less often” kind of deal. Thanks to everyone who kept up with us. We’re happy to have shared in our first year of parenthood and adventure with Nolan. We survived and we will continue to conquer life one day at a time. First thing’s first: his 6 shots and blood draw is tomorrow morning. Wish us luck!! See you later everyone!!

A few behind the scenes shots from the photoshoot.
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot
hot air balloon birthday photoshoot

Thanks to Quang, Nancy and Kortney who all came along to help us with the shoot. It went a lot more smooth with extra hands. We had Quinn join for a few obligatory shots to capture the memories for the kiddos. The cousins will appreciate it much later in life.