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Hoping sleep regression is over–Nolan has fallen asleep within 30 minutes after his bath for 3 nights straight now. That would have made it a total of 5 weeks. He’s become so advanced so quickly in rolling, crawling, pulling himself up, plopping himself back down and cruising that his brain is finally giving him a much needed break. He tends to wake up crying more when he sleeps in his own crib though. In our bed he sleeps so much better and “snakes” his way to a little nook between mine and Rob’s pillows as if he knows that’s where he belongs. LOVE my little munchkin for being the sweetest thing!! But really hoping he stays used to sleeping in his own crib. We like our own space and don’t want to co-sleep if we don’t have to.

Two more teeth are growing on the bottom so that means lots of drooling and tons of munching on anything and everything (even on our fingers–ouch!). We’re so lucky that it doesn’t make him too fussy and no fever has ever affected him either. Nowadays he smiles as if to show off his pearly whites. He enjoys playing peek-a-boo and chasing mommy around corners. His favorite snack, hands down, are the savory Gerber sticks. No matter what he’s doing, even if he’s “full”, he’ll drop everything midway to munch on one. Looking forward to next week’s 9 month check-up for new official stats to share!

38 week old baby boy 8 month old baby boy

Can you see the two coming up?? The 2nd photo looks as if he’s trying too hard to either smile or show us his teeth.
38 week old baby boy 8 month old baby boy

Noly being his usual giggly self.
38 week old baby boy 8 month old baby boy

Always giving me beautiful smiles in between munches.
38 week old baby boy 8 month old baby boy

This shows how addicted he is to that pacifier with the old switcheroo.


Quick Nolan update for this week:

* Sleep regression: it’s unpredictable but we get lucky with 1 or 2 nights where he’ll go right to bed.
* Crawling: pretty fast nowadays. It was fun to have him “chase” after me a couple days ago.
* Cruising: getting better everyday at circling inside the crib.
* Play: loves spending time in his 6′ x 6′ play area, especially when you’re in there with him.
* Strangers: does well when outside the home since he expects everything to be different; total stranger danger when in his own territory at home though–he’ll know if you don’t belong.
* Fame: waited in line with his dad for Pliny the Younger and made it on the local news. Will also likely be quite knowledgeable when it comes to beer even before he’s of age.
* Wedding: attended his first where we didn’t even have to watch him. Thank goodness for wonderful friends and his chill personality. He was passed around to dozens of people–didn’t cry a peep and just soaked in all the festivities.

It is almost impossible to get him to sit still for a photo now. We have to distract him with a toy or click really, really fast!
nolan 37 week old baby boy

nolan 37 week old baby boy

Screenshot from the newscast.
on the news for pliny the younger

Our little family with the lovely bride and groom.
bride and groom guest photo

A couple of the photobooth sessions Noly took part in!!
instant party pix photobooth

Having fun with some of the many pretty ladies that night.
37 week old baby boy

Starting to cruise furniture.

Mommy update:

* Taking the rest of my CFRA bonding time in mid April for 5 weeks. During that time I’ll actually be traveling to Mexico and Europe to shoot a couple of weddings. Both Nolan + Rob will be in tow for Europe as we travel to Amsterdam, Brugge, Brussels, Paris and London. Looking forward to all that fun but planning and packing is already stressing me out.
* Since we’re in Europe most of that time I gotta start planning Nolan’s 1st birthday party now so the invite can be sent right when we return. Also adding to the stress!
* Tons of shoots scheduled for March/April. I’ve got a long nearly daily to-do list from now til May to stay on track so I can stay sane. Shoot, edit, blog, repeat. More stress. Most likely going to decline additional assignments for the rest of this year.


Nolan has been sick with a runny nose and cough the last week but is still very active pulling himself up and starting to cruise furniture. He seems to be quite smart knowing it’s “ok “to fall down in his crib or on our bed versus out in the open where its not so padded.  He seems much more cautious navigating harder surfaces. How do they know these things?? He easily gets frustrated but at least I know he’s trying hard to master those skills. So that means sleep regression is still ongoing. We got lucky with 2 nights that he actually went to bed right away (tonight was not one of them). Funny how Rob and I rush to catch up on our to do list and not wasting a single minute when he’s down for a nap or out for the night. The good ole “take your time to get stuff done” days are gone.  It’s so taxing for us both looking after just one child that I sometimes wonder if we can really have more than one. Yes, we tag team but it’s really very difficult at times. We’re both so drained with so many things to do and Rob has been such a good sport about being on night watch 99.8% of the time so that I can get my beauty rest. Time seems so limited that to get myself to focus I make daily to do lists just so no spare moment goes to waste. Even so there are still many things lying around that need to be put away, thrown out or organized. Priorities really do change. Goal for this week is to paint my nails (got a wedding to attend on Saturday).

We started Nolan on finger snacks this past week. He was quite intrigued with the taste of some of the snacks (especially the salty ones) and has progressed well with picking them up and feeding himself. This is huge since he refuses to hold his own bottle; I mean he’ll hold it to play with it but will not hold it when he’s jugging down milk. He’s also been babbling a lot, rolling around in all sorts of odd directions while asleep (belly sleeper here) and at times we’ve caught him giggling in his dreams. Super cute when he does that! Really makes me wonder what’s making him so happy.

One of Nolan’s favorite things to do now is pull himself up leaning onto his name stool and proceed to pull out the letters one by one. He’ll perch himself up as seen below and lean against it for 15-20 minutes playing with all the block letters. Sometimes he’ll sit back down and munch on ’em too. This is one of my favorite gifts we received for his birth.

36 week old baby boy personalized puzzle stool

36 week old baby boy personalized puzzle stool

I love this expression on him. As if he’s saying “ta da”!!!!
36 week old baby boy personalized puzzle stool

Besides the obvious perk of having decent photos taken of you when you’re a photographer’s child is the fact that you get to travel almost everywhere this mommy goes. Nolan’s already been to Denver, San Francisco and up the Cali Coast. He’s on his way to Europe in April–all this before his 1st birthday. From time to time he also joins me at local spots that I shoot at in SoCal. This past weekend we got to shoot a maternity session at quite a unique spot that I’ve been meaning to check out for a few years. Finally made the trek out there when our friends made the push to have their shoot at the location. Daddy and Nolan came along and hung out. So glad they did cuz it was quite an experience, super fun and so I wouldn’t have to miss them so much.

“Baby wearing” has been really fun and convenient for us. It keeps Nolan really close to our hearts and frees up our hands so we can easily navigate the market and especially while doing chores around the house. We’re sporting a Tula baby carrier that’s highly recommended by my sister. No “crotch dangling” for our son! (Google that term!)
36 week old baby boy tula baby carrier

36 week old baby boy cliff

Nolan’s napping in the carrier (again!) so we dug his hand out to make it as if he was actively participating.
36 week old baby boy tula baby carrier gray hummingbird

I leave you with a fun video of Noly and one of his meals with his dad.


Nolan continues to be a laughing and eating machine. We still make him food and I still pump, but only 3x a day now. I plan on stopping around month end which will clock it at nearly 9 months of being attached to that darn thing. I am in dire need of more “free” time for the upcoming busy wedding season. I think a celebration is in order when I get to officially put the pump away. He’s learning so many new things (see BIG milestone video further down) and soaking in knowledge so much more rapidly than before. That also means he’s getting more attached to us both so we gotta let him out more to get used to being with all our friends and family. Hoping to see more of all your pretty faces in the coming months!!

34 week old baby boy

Cousin Lorelai came over to visit. Can you tell they’ll be bff’s growing up?
34 week old baby boy

Already sharing inside jokes.
34 week old baby boy

Yeah, a little sexy. I was changing him and thought this would be cute/funny, but he’ll prob kill me 10 years from now.
34 week old baby boy

Last Wednesday we put Nolan down to sleep like usual when he started acting completely out of the ordinary. He did not fall asleep immediately and would cry at the very top of his lungs as if he was hurt. I ruled out hunger (just fed him a ton), sickness (temp was normal) and injury. I thought he was testing us and just wanted to stay up to play so we let him semi cry it out for the next 2 hours. The crying would stop when we picked him up but the moment we put him down he’d scream on and on. After a couple days of this behavior I finally looked it up and found out he was going thru the 8 month sleep regression (and of course it just so happens that the 8 month one is the worse). It’s described as his brain being in an overdrive state from huge cognitive developments–mainly due to the need to master the art of rolling, crawling, sitting, scooting, cruising, etc. His brain just won’t shut down and wants to keep practicing these new skills until he’s mastered it. Needless to say we’ve had very many sleepless nights in the last week and this can continue for another 5 weeks or so. Last night was the worse with him waking up crying and screaming at least 5 times when he normally sleeps entirely thru the night. Let’s hope these next few weeks fly by quickly.

With that said, Nolan is finally CRAWLING!!! No wonder why his brain is in overdrive! On Saturday morning he finally trekked across the room as if overnight he learned how to crawl. He’s still slow at it and hesitant in new environments but I’m sure with the next few weeks of this sleep regression he will get around to mastering that as well as cruising and scooting.

For Lunar New Year we had a great time hanging out with the extended family. This year we spent hours of quality time (taking each other’s money in gambling) with my cousins. Nolan always seems to be sleeping when we take group photos (he’s in the carrier with Rob at the back). We’re missing a few in this photo but glad we got one in for the books.
extended vu family lunar new year 2014

Here’s an auto awesome animated gif that Google made for us of Nolan and his red envelopes.
34 week old baby boy lunar new year 2014


My Noly is such a big boy now! Just the last couple days he started to “follow” us as in we hold out our arms and he reaches out for us to hold him. I DIE of happiness!!! I know the feeling will pass when all he wants us to do is hold him day and night. I’ll enjoy it for now until he starts getting too attached. He’s also very close to crawling for reals. He does a few “steps” and goes down to the army crawl. We also need to lower his crib in the next few days. He’s starting to hang onto the railing on his knees/toes; afraid he’ll jump right over if we don’t lower it soon. For now enjoy these photos and videos of my Noly roly poly so cute and all grown!!

Being such a ham for the camera.
33 week old baby boy batman onesie

These smiles are Nolan’s “LOL’s”.
33 week old baby boy batman onesie

This laugh is Nolan’s “ROTFL” look that make tears appear and eyes disappear.
33 week old baby boy batman onesie

Nolan was on a laughing rampage on Saturday from my sneezing. It was by accident at first when I really did sneeze. I kept it up with fake “achoo’s” and he kept on laughing his butt off. Early on when he was just 2 months old I had sneezed and he also let out a laugh then, but this is the first time since then that he reacted so hilariously to a sneeze. Check out this odd child of mine who seems to laugh at the weirdest things.

He also started to learn how to clap! Too cute in this video trying to clap after us.

Nolan got to hang out with his buddy, Landon, at Playland Cafe in Irvine for a 1st birthday party. They’re even holding hands!!
Thanks, Helen (mama dang), for capturing this photo of them!
baby boys playing together in ball pit

Now, onto mommy business. We’ve gone thru just a few stages of bath tubs now so thought I’d share our experience. We used the 4 moms infant bathtub since birth for 7 months. Nolan was able to sit up on his own earlier but we were lagging on finding a “sitter” tub for him. What did I like about this tub? It has a built in color coded thermometer to help regulate the temp of his bath. You just never know when the temperature can change; I’m sure you all have taken showers where it drastically turns scorching hot or icy cold for no apparent reason but to torture you. We didn’t want Nolan to go thru that so this is what totally sold us. Bonuses: when the temp is out of the comfort range it will beep to let you know to adjust the water temp and it comes with an add’l thermometer to put around the nozzle of the adult bath when he upgrades to using a bigger tub or the adult tub in general.
4 moms infant bath tub

For a sitter tub we tried out these two: Prince Lionheart Bathtub and Dream On Me Bathub. We wanted these two mainly for their foldable/collapsible feature. Our bathroom isn’t that big so a space saver is high priority plus if we were to travel we’d like it to fold up or can fit in our suitcase. Comparison along with pros and cons available after the images.
Prince Lionheart Flexibath Foldable Bathtub for babies Dream On Me Tidy Tub Expandable Baby Bathub


Prince Lionheart Dream on Me
Size 15.3″ w x 26.2″ l x 9.5″ h 18″ w x 31″ l x 9″ h
Drainage *Bigger
*Drains faster
* Smaller
*Nearly impossible
Color 6 options red / blue / green
Price $41 $50 – $60
Other Pros *Can fit in suitcase  *Hook to hang from shower rod
*Foldable legs
Other Cons *Looks cheap
*Latch could get in the way
*Slippery surface
*Cannot fit in suitcase
*Drainage hole is flush with the bathtub so we had to hack it to get it to drain.


In the end we’re actually keeping both tubs. One for permanent home use and the other for traveling. Why don’t we use the adult bath on travel instead? Well, it’s a water waster plus we can easily contain him in a small tub versus a larger adult tub. And, yes, we are using the 4moms secondary thermometer that we place around the adult bath nozzle.