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Since the beginning I’ve only been able to pump a max of 21 oz a day; these days more like 17 oz (exclusively pumping 4 to 5x a day). That’s only about 1/3 of what other moms produce and not nearly enough for what Nolan eats–heck I can’t even freeze any! I tried fenugreek and mother’s milk pills; didn’t change a thing. On a whim late Saturday after reading a mommy post I decided to give lactation cookies a shot. I sent Rob the recipe. He tracked down all the ingredients and baked me a batch on Sunday night. Supportive hubby, eh? For the next few days I will eat 5-6 cookies a day and will report back if it made any kind of a difference in my supply.  If it adds at least 4 extra ounces a day I would keep at baking and eating it but anything less wouldn’t be worth the trouble. Nolan will just need to live with formula as a supplement. =/

Today Nolan starts on solids! I think we’re more excited than him. We’ve been at a constant routine of just milk so adding rice cereal to the mix is an exciting addition. We also have organic peas, carrots and squash lined up for the next couple weeks. Can’t wait til he expands his palette further to fruits and meats.

Here are the supplies and foods we picked up to start.
5 month old baby food

Happy 5 months, baby boy!
5 month old baby boy

We now have to buckle him into the swing at all times. This is what happens when we only did one side. Last week he fell out when we did not buckle him at all. Poor guy!! Don’t worry he is a-ok! He was more shocked from the fall than anything–no bumps or bruises.