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nolan 10 weeks oldLast night was the very first time I got to sit down and really think about the enormous impact Nolan has had on my life (you know, the super sappy mommy moment). For the first 2 months I didn’t feel anything close to this amount of love I have for him today. He may only be 10 weeks old but as I sat there holding him in my arms while he slumbered away for over an hour (with his very heavy head resting on my left arm) the rest of my life with him flashed before my very eyes. He’s walking, talking up a storm, in school, learning math, going to college, getting married…I was so happy but yet also so sad because I wish I had him earlier. I held off on having children focusing on career and enjoying a ton of ME time, but after having him my paradigm has completed shifted. I now believe that everyday that we wait to have child(dren) is one less day that we get to spend with them. And believe me, each day is so precious. If I had him 1, 3 or even 5 years ago that’s an extra 1, 3 or 5 years I would have gotten to spend with him before I die. So does that mean I want more kids now? Maybe not this very moment but I think it has changed mine and Rob’s perspective on things. =)



Look at that face! He can do no wrong with that innocence.nolan 10 weeks old baby boy

Nolan recently developed a bad habit: chomping on his hands. Not sure where that came from. All we know is that one morning we found that he had broken out of his swaddle and was chomping on both hands. Maybe from the long stretch of sleep at night that got him real hungry?
nolan 10 weeks old hand chomper

Today was also his first time at the beach. Here’s a selfie I took of us together that I posted on Instagram. He’s sitting in a Tula baby carrier against my chest as we spent time with Aunt Julie, cousin Lorelai and cousin Charlotte.

nolan 10 weeks old beach tula carrier


OMGoodness! Nolan slept for 8.5 hours last night! Rob and I also slept thru it and didn’t realize he slept for that long til I peeked open my eyes and saw that it was 7am. I’ve been so used to Nolan being my alarm clock to wake me up to pump that I didn’t even bother to use an alarm clock. I guess I must start using one if he’s going to sleep for this long each night. In addition to more sleep, he’s also cooing and talking a ton!  Like his shirt says below, we agree that he is the “cutest monster” EVER!



nolan 9 weeks old newborn baby boy

Here’s Nolan talking up a storm with me after his 9 week photoshoot.

Nolan’s second cousin, Quinn, celebrates 1 week today. As a family we headed over to the Dang residence for lunch and photographed Quinn for her big day. Isn’t she a cutie?

quinn 1 week old newborn babygirl


Our little guy is growing up so fast!! When he was still in the womb we’d talk about how we’d love for him to play professional baseball for our favorite team, the Angels. Even specifically so, we said he’d be a pitcher. Mommy and daddy dream big huh?? You know what they say, “go big or go home!” Rob and I can’t wait to expose him to baseball with playing catch and swinging at balls to see if he’ll even like it. We’ll start off at t-ball and work our way from there. He can always fall back on pro bowling like Auntie Laura’s shirt predicted.

At his two month check-up he received 3 shots in the thigh–ouch! We found that he has grown a lot taller and is now 25″ long and weighs a whopping 13lbs 13oz. Soon I won’t be able to carry him any longer!

Check out my little big guy below. He’s sitting next to daddy’s baseball glove. Happy 2 months buddy!!

nolan 2 months old newborn


Nolan was so good this past weekend since it was the first time I left him to work a wedding–a 16 hour day!! I pumped on the go and was able to drop off milk mid-day. Daddy did awesome caring for Nolan and himself for that long. I’m super impressed since I have yet to look after Nolan by myself for more than a few hours. Love them and our growing family!!

My cheeseball baby! This is the 2nd time I was able to snap a photo of him smiling like a big cheeseball.
nolan 5 weeks old

nolan 5 weeks old baby boy