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Nolan has been sleeping for 6 hour stretches each night now. He fills up his belly before the long sleep ahead (around 11pm) but still wakes up super hungry and munches down 5-6oz when he wakes up around 5am. His acne/eczema has cleared up so he’s back to being Mr. Handsome. It’s amazing how baby’s skin can heal so quickly. I swear they have super healing powers.

For today’s shoot Nolan wore the t-shirt Auntie Laura gave him that would predict he’d be a professional bowler. Daddy combed his hair to the side so he can look a bit more dapper than other shoots; too bad the hair didn’t stay down for long–has a mind of its own.

Here’s a video I was able to catch of Nolan after his late morning nap with me. He was smiling/giggling to everything I was saying; truly melts my heart!

Logan came to visit today so we also shot a few photos of him.  Too bad both boys weren’t camera ready at the same time for some photos together. We’ll have to wait til next time.

Logan at 3 months + 5 days. He’s soooo cute and looks great in mint!!



Nolan dressed up in some of the clothes Aunt Cindy custom knitted for him.  At 7 weeks he loves to coo (talk), especially with mommy; eats 4-5 ounces in each sitting and has finally been sleeping for 5 hours at night.  This greatly helps mommy and daddy catch up on some much needed zzz’s.

He’s starting to clear up from the baby acne or eczema he developed a week ago. We used baby Aquaphor each night to help with the dryness.



Nolan has been sleeping for 4 hour stretches lately. We’re so thankful not having to wake up every 2-2.5 hours. The downside is he started developing baby acne or eczema on his cheeks a few days ago. Hoping this will pass soon–we already miss his super soft baby cheeks! Cousin Chloe also came for a short visit today. Grandma says Nolan and Chloe are competing for the biggest head in the family. We’ll see who nets out but Chloe still looks to be the winner in that category.

Here’s Nolan taking a quick nap on mommy’s chest after a feeding. Look at those guns!


My little man is so skinny! He can’t even fit his socks! So much so that I call him “Gollum” from Lord of the Rings; he especially resembles Gollum when crying his butt off. We hope he gains some weight soon to fill in those thighs and cheeks so we can move on to other nicknames. Since he got to shoot with mommy last week at his 2 week old photos, daddy got to join him this time. I’m so glad to have captured these precious images of them. My heart just aches with joy seeing them together.

As for myself I am still feeling weak. It was a miracle that I could muster up the energy to pick up the camera to snap these photos. I had to force myself to do it knowing that it will all be worth it when he’s older and has these photos to look back upon. Now the next step is getting myself out of the house for fresh air. It just feels like such a monumental undertaking to take a newborn out of the house. What to pack, how much of each, the unpredictable feedings and crying…the list just goes on and on that I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Perhaps on the 4th we’ll go visit my parents.

This has got to be my favorite image of him thus far. It was a split second movement that I was so lucky to snap.
3 week old baby boy

Big YAWN! And see, doesn’t he resemble Gollum with his skinny neck in the air?
3 week old baby boy

Just chillaxin’ with Daddy.
3 week old baby boy

My precious boys!!!
3 week old baby boy


After 15 hours of labor, the doctors deemed that I would be unable to deliver Nolan naturally and had to be wheeled in for an emergency c-section. I had a fever and he was not liking the contractions. On June 11th we welcomed him to the world at 10:08pm. He weighed a whopping 8 lbs 4 oz and measured 21 inches long. Check out the delivery photos below.

Here I am early on in labor when the sun was still shining brightly in the sky.

Me in surgery a little after 10pm looking a lot crappier than before.

Rob got to cut his umbilical cord shorter. Check the clock on the wall..indicates it was a few minutes after he was born.

My sweet baby boy getting cleaned and weighed.

Big boy at 8lbs 4oz.

Here’s a super short video clip of Nolan “waiting for mommy”.

Mother and son meet for the first time.

Here are a few photos of him less than 24 hours after birth.