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On March 21st at 19 weeks we went to get an elective 3D/4D ultrasound done. It was uber exciting to see what the baby may look like and get a double confirmation that it was actually a boy.

Check out his pouty lips. I think he has my nose.

Half smile but more like a SMIRK!

Spot his penis in this one–it is definitely a BOY!!



    • Q: When did I suspect we were expecting:
      A: Sept 28th
    • Q: Why did I suspect it?
      A: I was rudely awakened in the middle of the night the morning of the 28th with sharp lower abdominal pain and had to pee real bad. I NEVER have to pee in the middle of the night. This pain subsided a bit but stayed consistent like cramps and the constant peeing continued for weeks. I later discover that the sharp pain that night was the embryo implanting/burrowing into the wall of my uterus to incubate. My breasts were also super duper sensitive and sore for weeks. Never felt that kind of soreness before in all my PMS’ing days.
    • Q: When was the first positive pregnancy test?
      A: Oct 2nd
    • Q: When am I due?
      A: June 5th
    • Q: When was the 1st doctor’s visit?
      A: Oct 17th where we saw the peanut and heard his heartbeat.
    • Q: First movement felt:
      A: Jan 4th
    • Q: What are we having?
      A: On Jan 9th we found out we’re having a BOY!
    • Q: First hiccup felt?
      A: Mar 22nd
    • Q: Braxton Hicks:
      A: Started on April 9th. It feels like the top of my stomach is being stretched to the max. It’s a sore feeling for about 15-20 minutes.