Nolan: 12 Month Check-up

Today’s doctors visit was no fun for any of us. We went in the day after his birthday just because I’m particular about recording his growth as accurately as possible. He got 6 painful shots, a fluoride brush to prevent cavities and will get a blood draw in the coming week. Compared to his 9 month check-up he is way down in weight but have gained in height and cranial circumference. The pediatrician noted that when kids go on vacation for long periods of time they tend to lose a ton of weight due to appetite loss. Plus, he was sick for a week after getting back so that didn’t help either. We’ll need to visit the pediatrician again in 3 months to see that his weight gain is progressing well.

Weight: 20 lbs 2 oz (31 percentile)
Height: 31.25 inches (93 percentile)
Head circumference: 18.5 inches (76 percentile)

Sourced from Child Growth Calculator.

Other notable things at his 1 year milestone:
*8 teeth
*loves eating peaches whole
*says “da-da” but no “mama” yet

Playing with his balloon before going to the doctor’s office.
nolan playing with his gigantic balloon

My skinny boned baby boy.
nolan 12 month check-up weigh in

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