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Quick Nolan update for this week:

* Sleep regression: it’s unpredictable but we get lucky with 1 or 2 nights where he’ll go right to bed.
* Crawling: pretty fast nowadays. It was fun to have him “chase” after me a couple days ago.
* Cruising: getting better everyday at circling inside the crib.
* Play: loves spending time in his 6′ x 6′ play area, especially when you’re in there with him.
* Strangers: does well when outside the home since he expects everything to be different; total stranger danger when in his own territory at home though–he’ll know if you don’t belong.
* Fame: waited in line with his dad for Pliny the Younger and made it on the local news. Will also likely be quite knowledgeable when it comes to beer even before he’s of age.
* Wedding: attended his first where we didn’t even have to watch him. Thank goodness for wonderful friends and his chill personality. He was passed around to dozens of people–didn’t cry a peep and just soaked in all the festivities.

It is almost impossible to get him to sit still for a photo now. We have to distract him with a toy or click really, really fast!
nolan 37 week old baby boy

nolan 37 week old baby boy

Screenshot from the newscast.
on the news for pliny the younger

Our little family with the lovely bride and groom.
bride and groom guest photo

A couple of the photobooth sessions Noly took part in!!
instant party pix photobooth

Having fun with some of the many pretty ladies that night.
37 week old baby boy

Starting to cruise furniture.

Mommy update:

* Taking the rest of my CFRA bonding time in mid April for 5 weeks. During that time I’ll actually be traveling to Mexico and Europe to shoot a couple of weddings. Both Nolan + Rob will be in tow for Europe as we travel to Amsterdam, Brugge, Brussels, Paris and London. Looking forward to all that fun but planning and packing is already stressing me out.
* Since we’re in Europe most of that time I gotta start planning Nolan’s 1st birthday party now so the invite can be sent right when we return. Also adding to the stress!
* Tons of shoots scheduled for March/April. I’ve got a long nearly daily to-do list from now til May to stay on track so I can stay sane. Shoot, edit, blog, repeat. More stress. Most likely going to decline additional assignments for the rest of this year.