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Nolan continues to be a laughing and eating machine. We still make him food and I still pump, but only 3x a day now. I plan on stopping around month end which will clock it at nearly 9 months of being attached to that darn thing. I am in dire need of more “free” time for the upcoming busy wedding season. I think a celebration is in order when I get to officially put the pump away. He’s learning so many new things (see BIG milestone video further down) and soaking in knowledge so much more rapidly than before. That also means he’s getting more attached to us both so we gotta let him out more to get used to being with all our friends and family. Hoping to see more of all your pretty faces in the coming months!!

34 week old baby boy

Cousin Lorelai came over to visit. Can you tell they’ll be bff’s growing up?
34 week old baby boy

Already sharing inside jokes.
34 week old baby boy

Yeah, a little sexy. I was changing him and thought this would be cute/funny, but he’ll prob kill me 10 years from now.
34 week old baby boy

Last Wednesday we put Nolan down to sleep like usual when he started acting completely out of the ordinary. He did not fall asleep immediately and would cry at the very top of his lungs as if he was hurt. I ruled out hunger (just fed him a ton), sickness (temp was normal) and injury. I thought he was testing us and just wanted to stay up to play so we let him semi cry it out for the next 2 hours. The crying would stop when we picked him up but the moment we put him down he’d scream on and on. After a couple days of this behavior I finally looked it up and found out he was going thru the 8 month sleep regression (and of course it just so happens that the 8 month one is the worse). It’s described as his brain being in an overdrive state from huge cognitive developments–mainly due to the need to master the art of rolling, crawling, sitting, scooting, cruising, etc. His brain just won’t shut down and wants to keep practicing these new skills until he’s mastered it. Needless to say we’ve had very many sleepless nights in the last week and this can continue for another 5 weeks or so. Last night was the worse with him waking up crying and screaming at least 5 times when he normally sleeps entirely thru the night. Let’s hope these next few weeks fly by quickly.

With that said, Nolan is finally CRAWLING!!! No wonder why his brain is in overdrive! On Saturday morning he finally trekked across the room as if overnight he learned how to crawl. He’s still slow at it and hesitant in new environments but I’m sure with the next few weeks of this sleep regression he will get around to mastering that as well as cruising and scooting.

For Lunar New Year we had a great time hanging out with the extended family. This year we spent hours of quality time (taking each other’s money in gambling) with my cousins. Nolan always seems to be sleeping when we take group photos (he’s in the carrier with Rob at the back). We’re missing a few in this photo but glad we got one in for the books.
extended vu family lunar new year 2014

Here’s an auto awesome animated gif that Google made for us of Nolan and his red envelopes.
34 week old baby boy lunar new year 2014