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In early April, Rob and I spent roughly 2 days in Philly with Laura and Thanh in tow for part of the time. We did a ton of site seeing and a bit of some grubbing. The city of Philadelphia ties in so well with our D.C. visit b/c the two have so much connected with the history of our country. We enjoyed our time there very much even though I was sick as a dog. You bromance boys (Dan, Dennis, Jason, Duy, Thanh) should all go here together; the city’s slogan is just too fitting for your “bromances”. =)

First tour stop was none other than the Liberty Bell. This is a must see in Philadelphia.

The four of us in front of Independence Hall. Why is it called that? B/c that’s where our declaration of independence was written and signed into law.

These guys are sitting in the building where the House and Senate used to meet before our capitol was moved from Philly to D.C.

Benjamin Franklin is buried here in Philly. People throw coins on his tomb to make wishes; not sure why really.

Yay to money!! This particular mint makes a lot of our coins. Laura and I are actually holding cash money as we jump.

We visited Betsy Ross’ house who had made our first flag which featured 13 stars for the 13 colonies. Rob and Laura are trying to break an entering.

The four of us outside the Betsy Ross house and a fun picture on our bus ride to the next location.

Sustenance to fuel our tourist legs. Jim’s Steaks was a bit of a wait but yummy!

Rob’s pretty happy about digging into his Philly cheese steak AND enjoying some dessert at Rita’s Ice.

The Philly skyline.

We got to the top of the famous Rocky steps.

Rob declares Thanh the winner over saddened Laura.

This railroad station reminds me of Monopoly.

Us lovebirds at the LOVE park.

Rob trying to lift my heavy butt with a life-size monopoly wheel barrow piece.

Laura wasn’t thinking when she hugged this iron straight on; it’s hot, Laura! And here’s Thanh posing with his sorry piece.

Neat little park with random board game pieces eh? Just right outside our hotel in downtown.